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Enhanced Direct to Garment Printing

Epson’s SC-F2100 Direct to Garment Printer is the market leader. The latest model is innovated and engineered from the F2000 platform, with enhancements in print speed, print quality, and simplified maintenance.

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Why the Epson SureColor F2100?

Epson F2100 is up to twice as fast — newly developed print modes, including Light Garment Mode, offer consistent print quality at up to twice the speed of our previous generation.

2 X’s Faster

High Definition DTG Print Quality

Get vibrant and durable prints. Delight customers with HD imaging, lively colors, and prints that will last for numerous washes. 

Highlight White Ink Mode

Only available with the SureColor F2100, now you can simultaneously print white and color inks on the same color pass. This innovation drastically improves speed, efficiency and most importantly image quality. 

Quick Loading

The simple to use, fast-load grip pad cuts down loading time from the traditional hoop platen method.

Easy to Use Workflow

The Improved Epson Garment Creator Software includes powerful tools for layout and text, color management, ink control, cost estimation, plus hot folders.

Less Maintenance

The SureColor F2100 was designed to minimize your workload. The integrated self-cleaning system utilizes a fabric wiper and an inline-cleaning cartridge
to perform daily maintenance to
reduce downtime. 

The Epson SC-F2100 DTG printers use Epson® UltraChrome® ink. Designed specifically for this printer to produce the highest quality prints with a direct to garment printer. Outstanding performance across multiple fabrics, including cotton-poly blends, Tri-blends and of course 100% cotton t-shirts.

Enhanced Ink Cartridge System

Smart Platen System

Load garments faster with better prints. The Epson SC-F2100 makes printing the perfect garment so simple. After you lay, a shirt for example, on the platen, it automatically verifies the height before printing and holds the shirt securely to create the perfect print. And you can achieve even faster loading when using the grip pad cover, which can be applied to small, medium and large platens. 

No more manual daily tube wash and gallons of wasted ink per year. The Epson F2100 automatically delivers a cleaning solution through the printhead. Save your time and get the proper maintenance from the machine itself.

Inkless Automatic Cleaning

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